Pirate Games is an indie/homebrew development group focussing on re-injecting fun back into games!


Founded in mid 2008, we are located around the globe and work by collaborating online, aiming to involve the homebrew community where possible and appropriate. One successful example of this is seen in PandoraPanic! Our games traditionally use Penjin, which is built to cater for our own needs but also to be helpful for the homebrew community.

Our goal is to make fun games and to help people make fun games and Project Infinity is our site to encourage this collaboration.

Finally despite the name, we do not condone software piracy. Pirate Games is just a cool name, and is supposed to suggest a “pirate radio” type idea but for games.

We be supportin’ ye plunderin’ o’ booty an’ screamin’ “Yaaaaargh!”, however.

Site News

PirateBaby Preview Release

PirateBaby has been released for Pandora, Caanoo and Ubuntu Linux(11.04). Currently only available through the RIOTdigital Tag-Team Coding Competition Entries page, due to compo rules.

Happy New Year 2011

A very Happy New Year to you all from the Pirate Games team!

New Site

Welcome to the new Pirate Games site. We are working to get things looking nice, but feel free to poke around in the meantime.