Pirate Games Minecraft Server

PLEASE NOTE: The server hosting company went bust and we were undecided about the server future since it wasn't cost effective. (i.e. Too much effort and too little people willing to help cover the costs. Pirate Games no longer has a Minecraft server)

I will try and find the last map backups where possible and at least you'll be able to play offline.

Server Address:

Server Subcription and Item Store: https://pirategames.buycraft.net/

Since MarkoeZ told me to try Minecraft, I basically decided to setup this server. It is public and free to play but if you do want to help with server costs you can donate below.


  1. Be respectful - i.e. respect peoples' space.
  2. Be ethical
  3. Use common sense!!!
  4. Do not interfere with someones structure unless they allow you to!
  5. Keep land looking tidy! Chop a tree - plant a tree, fill a hole.
  6. Don't steal!!
  7. Don't ask to be an op, mod or admin.
  8. Don't pester ops, mods and admins about item spawning.
  9. Don't pester for main world access.
  10. Just... have... FUN! O_O

NOTE: This is an English server so try to speak English.

Minecraft Server Donation